MXN Modern Herbal Group Review 2014

MXN Modern Herbal Group Review 2014

MXN Modern Herbal GroupAfter the big issue of MLM abuse in Bangladesh, the Bangladesh government has removed and analyzed each company and turns out there were 62 of them disguised as legitimate multi-level marketing companies when in fact, they were pyramid schemes. After a series of investigations and laws passed, only four MLM companies in Bangladesh are approved by the Bangladeshi government. One of those four is the MXN Modern Herbal Group. Continue reading MXN Modern Herbal Group Review 2014

Bangladesh: A Better Market for MLM Business

Why Bangladesh is a better market for MLM Business?

Bangladesh: A Better Market for MLM BusinessAs MLM companies are continuing to rise, about 4.7 million distributors have invested in the industry. If you bring this to developed countries such as the USA, they’d know all about it in a split second but when you bring this to Bangladesh and the rest of South Asia, this concept will look new to them.

There has been an issue going on about the abuse of MLM businesses in Bangladesh giving it a bad reputation. However, you must know that Bangladesh is a wonderful place for new investments. The country has about 160 million people who compromise a vast market for many more businesses. As the population is mostly comprised of semi-educated and uneducated people, it is natural that you find the country a negative market. But here are some reasons why Bangladesh owns the biggest and best market: Continue reading Bangladesh: A Better Market for MLM Business

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Habits of Successful People in Network Marketing

3 Common Habits of Successful People in Network Marketing

Habits of Successful People in Network MarketingAlong with the growth of the company comes the growth of you as an agent. You grow to become better and become an effective distributor of your own. But how do you know that you are going to this direction? How sure are you that your attitude now is the right attitude of a successful marketer? Below is a list of practices that normal agents like you do to become successful: Continue reading Habits of Successful People in Network Marketing

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Network Marketing vs Conventional Business

Network Marketing vs Conventional Business and why Network Marketing is better?

Network Marketing vs Conventional BusinessBusiness is business – when you sell a product or service to a consumer or to the general public that is called business. If we speak about “conventional business” in terms of network marketing, it is a way of getting paid the usual and traditional way. Network marketing is the new and most popular way of getting paid nowadays.

As the rise of MLM companies continue, comparison of it to Conventional businesses cannot be avoided. And below we will recognize some of the differences between both by identifying what characteristics each business holds and which of the two is a good place to invest. Continue reading Network Marketing vs Conventional Business

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Questions to Ask Before Joining an MLM Company

5 Questions to Ask Before Joining an MLM Company

Questions to Ask Before Joining an MLM CompanyIf the company offers you opportunities that are too good to be true then it probably really is. There are many MLM companies out there that offer you good business opportunities that just might be your breakthrough. But unfortunately, there are also some that offer the worst and are probably a scam. Before investing any of your time, effort and dreams into a company, make sure you have chosen the right one.

Always remember that the key to success is to do the things you love. So the company doesn’t always have to have a big name, sometimes it has to have the right ingredients that tells you ‘you belong here’. Choose a company that stirs your passion and makes working with them an easy ride. Choose a company that feels like it was designed and meant to be for you.

To find the right company for you, I have summed up a mini checklist of things you have to check before entering a Multi-Level Marketing Company. Continue reading Questions to Ask Before Joining an MLM Company

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Identify Pyramid Scheme or Scam Companies

Difference between Direct Selling Companies and Pyramid Schemes

Identify Pyramid Scheme or Scam CompaniesPyramid schemes are frauds. And most of them are disguised as direct selling companies who pretend to have interest in the market of their products. But what do you do if you want to take a leap of faith and invest in a legit business opportunity?
All you have to do is to know the difference between direct selling companies and pyramid schemes. Although pyramid schemes and direct selling have almost the same marketing structure as any other industry in the world, the service is undeniably different especially when it comes to the operational area. Continue reading Identify Pyramid Scheme or Scam Companies

What is Pyramid Scheme

What is Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid SchemeThere is one thing I should tell you about pyramid scheme: It’s a fraud. It is a marketing scheme by which promoters or so called “investors” get incentive for getting more people to invest in their company. They knowingly deceive you into a low quality but high priced investment. Instead of investing to sell products, you invest to encourage more people to invest. You pay for an entry fee so you become part of the network and you earn from getting more people to join. Continue reading What is Pyramid Scheme

About Direct Selling

What is Direct Selling?

Direct Selling Business PeopleDirect selling is a sale to a consumer a product or service. This eliminates any middle men – wholesalers, retailers or advertisers. This means that there is a face to face transaction between two representatives: the supplier or manufacturer and the consumer. Usually, direct selling is in the form of door-to-door selling or where the seller goes to homes to look for potential buyers. In this case, there is no need for an actual store or permanent business. If the customers don’t come then let the sellers come. Continue reading About Direct Selling

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