MXN Modern Herbal Group Review 2014

MXN Modern Herbal Group Review 2014

MXN Modern Herbal GroupAfter the big issue of MLM abuse in Bangladesh, the Bangladesh government has removed and analyzed each company and turns out there were 62 of them disguised as legitimate multi-level marketing companies when in fact, they were pyramid schemes. After a series of investigations and laws passed, only four MLM companies in Bangladesh are approved by the Bangladeshi government. One of those four is the MXN Modern Herbal Group.

If you check, you’ll see a list of the top multi-level marketing companies in Bangladesh. The list summed up ten best government approved and unapproved MLM companies in Bangladesh. MXN Modern Herbal Group ranks second among all these. Becoming one of the four approved companies in the country and ranking second in an online survey ensures you of the good reputation of MXN Modern Herbal Group. So I was wondering ‘What is in this company that the others don’t?’

MXN LogoOne thing I loved best with the company is its long list of products you can choose from. There are over three hundred unique and high quality products that cover almost every aspect of personal health care. You can choose from medicine, weight loss, personal care, nutrition and a handful of other services. Plus, there are a number of Bangladeshi people who claim that the products from MXN are the best herbal medicine in the whole country.

Aside from the numerous agents spread around more than 64 districts of Bangladesh, I loved how you could find their products online and have them delivered to you at your own home for free!

Becoming an agent of the company was the best choice I ever made. Before I even signed up, I made sure that the company was legal. But of course, being government approved was one thing but operating for 27 years is another. Most MLM companies dread through their first 2 years. Some of them might even shut down even before reaching their second year anniversary. 27 years is a long time of customer satisfaction experience. I’m sure surviving this long has made the name of the company a trusted name to both potential agents and to the general public. No need of convincing people that the company is legit.

Share GrowThe second thing I checked out before I joined the company is how safe the environment is. And I was pleased with the rules of conduct the company has given to me to follow. I believe that to become successful, you have to work with good people. But in most MLM companies, anyone who is interested can enter but not in this one, they screen the people before they can join.

Also, mind you that signing up and joining the company costs you nothing at all. They offer free membership and a money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied.

Right after I signed in, I was amused with the marketing plan the company offered me. It was unlike any other. They gave me 20-30% compensation in retail profit. Also they offered me mobile incentive, car and house incentive, and development bonus!