Identify Pyramid Scheme or Scam Companies

Difference between Direct Selling Companies and Pyramid Schemes

Identify Pyramid Scheme or Scam CompaniesPyramid schemes are frauds. And most of them are disguised as direct selling companies who pretend to have interest in the market of their products. But what do you do if you want to take a leap of faith and invest in a legit business opportunity?
All you have to do is to know the difference between direct selling companies and pyramid schemes. Although pyramid schemes and direct selling have almost the same marketing structure as any other industry in the world, the service is undeniably different especially when it comes to the operational area. Continue reading Identify Pyramid Scheme or Scam Companies

What is Pyramid Scheme

What is Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid SchemeThere is one thing I should tell you about pyramid scheme: It’s a fraud. It is a marketing scheme by which promoters or so called “investors” get incentive for getting more people to invest in their company. They knowingly deceive you into a low quality but high priced investment. Instead of investing to sell products, you invest to encourage more people to invest. You pay for an entry fee so you become part of the network and you earn from getting more people to join. Continue reading What is Pyramid Scheme